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Income if you are unable to work

This is a story about Anna

"Hi - I'm Anna. I'm married to George and fortunately, we've had very little to worry about in life in terms of health and finance.

However, something happened recently which made us think about the future and the plans we have in place. My husband's boss and close friend, Kelvin, had a stroke. He's only 55. It's been very hard for his wife and kids. It made George and I realize that risk of illnesses can be increased by an unhealthy lifestyle high-stress working environments, habit of eating out, and things like that.

Kelvin's family is obviously suffering emotionally but now they have financial difficulties as well. Medical insurance took care of the hospital bills, but they hadn't considered Kelvin's ongoing disability, which could mean they have no monthly income. We realized that this could happen to our family and decided that we'd like to put a plan in place to protect ourselves if we can't rely on our income.“

Prepare for the unexpected and live your life!

Getting health protection for you and your family also means protecting your quality of life, your ability to earn a living, and your family's future.

Anna and George want to continue to have an income if they can no longer work.

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Diana's story

Support During Unexpected Illness

Protect your family financially against illnesses

This is a story about Anna

Income if you are unable to work

Find out how to protect your family while on disability

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