Health Insurance

you be able to afford expensive medical services if you are diagnosed with a critical illness? Would your loved ones be able to maintain their standards of living or cope with losing an income?  

With our comprehensive health insurance plans, you can focus on getting healthy without worrying about expenses. Getting health protection for you and your family means protecting your quality of life, your ability to earn a living, and your family’s future.

We have a range of health insurance packages to ensure you get the protection that best suits your needs.These packages are great complements to any existing health care plans or accident insurance coverage.

MetLife Breast Cancer Protector

Easy 4-step online application for your own breast cancer protection.

  • MetLife Fly-high RMB Endowment


Health 139 Critical Illness Protector

Lifelong care with unparalleled health protection.

  • MetLife Fly-high RMB Endowment


MetLife Health-on-the-Peak Medical Plan 

Protect your Health Preserve your Success 

  • MetLife Fly-high RMB Endowment


MetLife MegaShield Critical Illness Refundable Protection Plan

Comprehensive protection tailored for your needs.

  • MetLife Fly-high RMB Endowment


MetLife Hospital Cash Plan

Life is filled with ups and downs. MetLife Hospital Cash Plan is a yearly renewable hospital income plan which provides you with comprehensive income protection regardless of whether hospitalization is due to sickness or accident.

  • MetLife Hospital Cash Plan

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