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Affordable family insurance

Affordable family insurance


"Hi, my name is Rainbow. Anthony, my husband, works full time while I stay at home to care for our two boys. They are growing up far too quickly! Looking after my family is a full-time job. I am always taking the kids to school, football lessons, or tutoring. They're very active so I end up having to take them to the doctor for falls or other accidents.

We love our kids to bits, even though they can be a handful at times. Until they become a bit less accident prone, I need an inexpensive product that offers extensive coverage for my whole family."


Prepare for the unexpected and live your life

Unexpected events and accidents can put your life plans on hold. Having the right coverage in place can provide invaluable financial support during the unexpected. Money can’t ease emotional upheaval but it can help minimize the impact and give you the resources needed to help you during stressful times.

Rainbow wants an affordable plan to pay for small hospital expenses for her children

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