MetLife Hong Kong - Data Security

Data Security

Data Security
MetLife Limited and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of Hong Kong Limited (collectively "MetLife") regard data security as the top priority and use best endeavour to protect your personal data against unauthorised or unintentional receipt or use. MetLife implements various measures in terms of IT hardware and software, electronic system and management policies in order to safeguard the security of your personal data.
MetLife’s website supports the use of 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology – a recognized and industry standard for data encryption in internet.
MetLife’s web servers have already installed “firewalls”. MetLife keeps monitoring and updating the system so as to protect the system against any improper access and use by unauthorized persons.
Since there may be release of personal data in the course of email communications, MetLife recommends you to send email via “Contact Us” section provided in the website.
Against Online Fraud
Both you and MetLife play an important role in prevention of online fraud. On one hand, MetLife uses best endeavour to maintain high standard of system security. Your eService user ID and password are unique and different from others, and MetLife will never ask you for your eService password. On the other hand, you must keep your eService User ID and password confidential, and must not disclose, release, and/or provide your eService User ID and/or password to any other persons, or use the eService with unauthorized person under the same account. When you set up your eService password, do not use your personal data (e.g. your birthday, telephone number or English name) or such combination code that is easily encrypted. If you discover any release, loss or theft of your eService password, or suspect any unauthorized use or transactions in your eService account, you must immediately inform MetLife without delay.  



**Important Notice: Please be advised that following approval by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority, the FWD Group (“FWD”) has acquired MetLife Limited and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of Hong Kong Limited (together, the “Companies”). MetLife is therefore no longer affiliated with the Companies and no longer responsible for matters related to the activities and insurance policies of the Companies. FWD will provide more information on the Companies’ new names and brand at a later date.