Stories Like Yours

We know that it is not easy to identify the product that best suits your needs, circumstances and budget. So, in this section, we have some stories of people who, like you, are in need of an insurance or savings solution. If you can identify with them or their situation, then we have the answers for you.

Unexpected events and accidents can really put your life plans on hold. Having the right cover in place can provide you with invaluable financial support if the unexpected happens. Money can’t ease emotional upheaval but it can help minimise the impact and give you the resource needed to help you over a stressful time.

Sometimes things happen in life beyond our control, and as a result you can't guarantee that you'll always be there for your loved ones. It's important to make sure that you provide financial security for your family to cover the mortgage and everyday expenses if circumstances change. This will give you reassurance now and your family extra financial comfort if the worst should happen.

Taking out health protection for you and your family also means you are protecting your quality of life, your ability to earn a living , and your family's future.

Whether it’s for a wonderful retirement, a lavish wedding, a special holiday or starting a family, you’re never too young to start saving and making the most of your money. Whatever your dreams for the future, we can help you start planning for them now.

  • Affordable accident insurance

    Affordable accident insurance

    Rainbow wants an affordable plan to pay for small hospital expenses for her children

    "Hi - my name's Rainbow. Anthony, my husband, works full time while I stay at home and look after our two boys - who are growing up far too quickly! Looking after my family is a full time job and I always seem to be running the older ones to school, yoga lessons or cooking classes."

  • Support during unexpected illnesses

    Support during unexpected illnesses

    Diana and Ricky don't want to use their savings to pay for expensive treatment

    "I'm Diana. I'm married to Ricky and we have a two-year-old daughter. I have a fairly hectic lifestyle as both my husband and I work, and his hours are particularly long as he works for an audit firm. We've recently decided to take out health insurance, even though we're both perfectly fit at the moment."

  • Income if you are unable to work

    Income if you are unable to work

    Anna and George want to continue having an income if they can no longer work due to disability

    "Hi - I'm Anna. I'm married to my husband George and we've had very little to worry about in life in terms of health and finance fortunately."

  • Saving for your future

    Saving for your future

    Michael is getting married and wants to save for his future family

    "Hi, I’m Michael. I am getting married next summer. I started working for a large construction company after my degree, and have been working on some really exciting projects which have brought with them a couple of promotions and raises lately."

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